Bizhemian (n.) Gypsy, wanderer, entrepreneur; a blend of the words Business and Bohemian; a person who lives a free-spirited life while building a business that matters.

The Bizhemian Way

We want more than to just exist.We have dreams, ideas, and a voice that needs to be heard.We know there is something more.We know we can find more fulfillment, more engagement, more creativity, and more ‘space’ doing something that speaks more to our heart and resonates in our soul.Something that encourages us to grow not just through knowledge and skillset, but also has the ability to let our spirit soar without crushing it under the weight of mediocrity.It is through that search for satisfaction; the search for a higher level of existence, that we discover the world of entrepreneurship and the magical moments with the souls we dance with along the way.The freedom that comes with breaking away from the chains of the corporate world can be breathtaking.Everyone has had a moment when they can breathe freely and say ‘This is what it’s all about’. To then relish in the wind on your face and the freedom of doing what we truly dream we can do.And we have all had those moments when our breath catches and we scream “Oh crap – what am I going to do now”.Yes, we know that feeling.But we are not alone.We do not have to stand on an isolated island trying to rub sticks together to make fire, scavenging for ideas or inspiration. This may be an unknown world to you, but there are many who have gone before you.Trails have been made;
Falls have happened;
Battles have been won and lost.
Maybe you are one who knows this world of entrepreneurship all too well. Seasoned with your own battle scars, healed and toughened with time. Maybe even a few new wounds that are still a bit raw.You are not alone.You never have been.This place is filled with those just like you.Bright, new and wide-eyed entrepreneurs ready to reach for their star.Veterans of the craft who are bursting with knowledge, wisdom, and experience.We are gypsy souls. In EVERY way.We continually create our lives.Even with wanderlust gripping our souls...Here we stand together.To congratulate you on your accomplishments and celebrate your success.To support you when you fall and encourage you when you feel you cannot go any further.Here you will find what is missing.Here, you will be found.With God's divine touch guiding our path...This is the Bizhemian Way.